Friday, February 7, 2014

The 3 D's Dinner, Drinks, Dancing! a good night out.

There are soo many options for ladies night. The decision really comes down to what side of town to adventure to, I have a favorite, San Marco square. Now I know it might not be the place you are thinking of with all of the Ladies night events and bar hopping that takes place on Thursday nights. From the St. Johns Town Center to Jax Beach(reviews about those to come)and over to Riverside, there are a plethora of things to do why San Marco?

 But here's what I enjoy about INDOCHINE. If you are familiar with the historic area of San Marco then you know the  "Old Square One" bar/lounge, well its been taken over and renovated. Welcome to the newest place to have happy hour and ladies night . Up stairs you have an amazing Thai fusion restaurant(review to follow) and, downstairs in the beautifully decorated bar, this is where happy hour and ladies night takes place.
When you first walk up to Indochine you're almost taken to another world, the entrance is beautifully decorated with red paper lanterns in the open space patio. Once you walk in the GIANT wall art of BUDDAH that stands at least 10 ft tall is stunning. The bar which is decorated in red Thai writing paneling has a 360° view of the entire room and just incase you're in the mood to have quick bite down stairs before you start dancing the night away, you can. On one side of the room there are cozy elevated booths lit with little candles, and on the other side bar top tables. 

Behind the bar is where the magic is happening for ladies night theres no cover and ladies drink free. They also have a signature drink menu. (not included on for ladies night). The bar staff is incredibly friendly, attentive, knowledgeable about drinks and pairings. Definitely a place to check out for a good Thursday night.

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